SCM Patterns Feedback

Please email us your comments and feedback!

There is an SCM patterns mailing list devoted to discussion of these and other patterns of recurring SCM best practices. Here, people from different SCM backgrounds and tool environments can share their experience with their success and failure of various SCM strategies and tactics employed.

We want your and feedback, and encourage you to use the SCM patterns mailing list to contribute your comments. The types of comments we are especially interested in are:

"Me too" stories!
If you have seen or used any of these patterns or their variations we want to hear about it. Tell us your experience. What seemed to be beneficial about using the pattern? What difficulties did it raise? What insight can you share that will give us a better idea about the context in which the pattern seems to work (and when it doesnt)?

Real world examples!
Rather than provide toy-examples for how the patterns are implemented using various SCM tools, we'd like to hear real-life examples from real practitioners working on real projects that describe the tool-specific details of how the pattern was implemented in your particular environment. We hope to gather a variety of implementation examples using a variety of different SCM tools. If you have such an example and are able to share it with us, we urge you to tell us about it!

We are especially interested in examples are characteristic of actual use with the following tools:

Other common solutions!
Do you solve the same problem in a different fashion? Is their something about your tool, team, or environment that makes an alternative solution more appropriate for you? If so, let us know!

Improving clarity and usefulness
If you have an idea for how we can state something more clearly or concisely, or use a better name for a pattern or trap/pitfall, please let your voice be heard. Anything that will help prospective readers to better understand and apply (and when not to apply) these patterns is very important to us!

Technical corrections/additions
If you think some of the things we say are technically incorrect or inaccurate, or that we missed something important, by all means please let us know.

The scm-patterns mailing list

The scm-patterns mailing list is a list created for discussing patterns of software configuration management best practices.

Subcribing to scm-patterns
To subscribe to the scm-patterns mailing list, send an email message to containing the single word subscribe in the "Subject:" field.

Unsubscribing from scm-patterns
To unsubscribe, send a request to containing the single word unsubscribe in the "Subject:" field.

Unsubscription Forms
If your browser supports forms, there is a webpage for conveniently unsubscribing from one or more patterns mailing lists.

Sending email to scm-patterns
After you have subscribed to scm-patterns, you may send email to the list at Please feel free to drop us a quick note introducing yourself and your background, and any interest you have in SCM patterns.

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