Printing/Downloading Streamed Lines

Downloading the "Streamed Lines" paper

The paper may be downloaded via anonymous FTP from the following directory:
This directory contains several HTML files (with a .html suffix) and several graphical image files (with a .gif suffix). The HTML files should be downloaded in ASCII mode and the GIF files should be downloaded in BINARY mode.

If you wish to grab a single "zipped" archive file, and unpack it yourself after saving it to your local disk, you may download the following file:

Printing the "Streamed Lines" paper

The paper is available only in HTML format at present. When the paper is closer to being finished, we are likely to provide it in other formats (like PDF) but we regret that we are unable to do so at present.

The paper really isn't spread out across too many files. Most of it is split across about ten files with some very small/optional sections in a few other files. The main files are:

A brief description of all the files follows, this is more or less the order in which one should print them out:

This is the first, and main file in the set. It contains most of the non-appendix parts of the paper, with hyperlinks to the other parts. It introduces the the concept and issues of branching and parallel development, and gives a very brief overview of the branching best-practices (with hyperlinks to their more detailed descriptions in the appendix). Then discusses how to go about using the best practices together, and discusses their effects. It also gives a table of traps/pitfalls with hyperlinks to their detailed descriptions.

This section is only needed if you want to read about the introduction to SCM patterns and pattern languages. If you are primarily interested in branching, you probably dont need this section.

Detailed description of each of the competing forces working for and against the success of branching and parallel development.

This section introduces the concept of branching to those unfamiliar with it. If you already know what branching is, you dont need to see it.

Detailed descriptions of about a dozen branching traps and pitfalls.

The bibliographic references for the paper.

This file is mostly a table of contents for the appendix. It gives the names and 1-2 line descriptions of all the patterns and basic line elements. The guts of the appendix (which gives the detailed descriptions of the best practices) are in the following four files:

Basic Branch/Line Elements that appear throughout the patterns

Branching policy patterns

Branch creation patterns

Branch structuring patterns

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