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50 links to O-O Databases on the World Wide Web.

OODBMS Research Groups

Glasgow Persistence and Distribution Group
Brown CS - Database Group
Persistent Systems Research Group Home Page
Database Systems Laboratory, Univ of Massachusetts
UBS: Database Technology
UMich Database Systems Research Group
Research in OODBMS, Agents, Objects & Patterns
UCB DBMS Research Group

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OODBMS Projects

CERMICS Database Team HomePage
Forest Project
The Forest project is investigating the use of persistent programming systems for the construction of software development environments. We believe that the persistence and tool integration mechanisms of traditional operating systems are a major limiting factor in the development of powerful, multi-user software development environments. Our intent is to replace the use of file systems and ad hoc persistence mechanisms with typed, persistent objects that are defined and manipulated in a standard object-oriented programming language.
IMPRESS is an ESPRIT project in which the DOLLs group participates: Integrated, Multi-Paradigm, Reliable and Extensible Storage System.
LINCKS is a research database system developed at the University of Linkoping in a project to explore the area of intelligent information systems
MIT Thor System
Thor is a large-scale distributed object oriented database system that provides reliable and highly available persistant storage for objects. Thor makes future applications substantially easier to build by providing a high-level platform for application development. Application programmers need not to be concerned with distribution, caching, disk management, and can focus on providing application services to users. Thor allows application programmers to use their preferred programming language and even to develop applications using a variety of programming languages; the components in the different languages will be able to inter-operate by sharing objects in Thor. The objects in Thor are specified and implemented in Theta, a new programming language developed by the Programming Methodology group.
Mood - Material's OODb
MOOD: Material's Object-Oriented Database is a research project in which we develop a mechanism of database service for primary material data .
MultiView Project Homepage
The MultiView project is an on-going five-year effort at the University of Michigan on developing object-oriented database view technology to address several important software problems.
The OBST Object Oriented Database System
ODE Users' Group
OSMOS Object-Relational Database
PJama Project: Orthogonal Persistence for Java(tm) - Glasgow University
PJava - The Persistent Java Project
The POSSE Project
The POSSE (Persistent Object SyStem Evaluation) Project seeks to design, implement, and evaluate alternative implementation methods for persistent object systems. Our current work is specifically focused on the problem of storage management in such systems. Our contributions to date include new policies for garbage collection reclamation in object database systems. We are also committed to developing more effective evaluation methods for our work.
SHORE Project Home Page
The objective of the SHORE project is to design, implement, and evaluate a persistent object system that will serve the needs of a wide variety of target applications including hardware and software CAD systems, persistent programming languages, geographic information systems, satellite data repositories, and multi-media applications.
TeaTime - freeware distributed OODBMS

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OODBMS Vendors

Object Design Inc. ODBMS
Object Design, Inc.
O2 Technology Web server
Objectivity, Inc.
POET ODBMS Technical Reference

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SQL3/OQL Merger
Baker's Dozen Persistence Concerns
OODBMS Buyer's Guide
ODBMS Facts Website
SQL Standards Home Page
ODMG Home Page
OODBs vs Universal Servers
Akmal's OODB Resources Page
Critique on Release 2.0 of the ODMG-93 Proposal
Cetus Links: O-O Databases
Cetus Links: OODBMS
Database Design, Developer's Handbook
DB: Browsing Object-Oriented Databases over the Web
The Data Mine
Object Database Management Group Home Page
Object Focus OODBMS
OODBMS Manifesto
SCM in an OODB
X3H7 Object Information Management

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