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Perl Resources and Directories

Perl Meta-FAQ
The Perl Language Home Page
The Perl Institute
The Perl Reference Page
The Programming Republic of Perl
5 Sigma Perl Page
Bill Middleton's Perl page
CERN Perl Home Page
Cetus Links: Perl
COOMBS Perl Archive
Dale Bewley's Perl Scripts and Links
Galaxy Perl Page
Infospheres - Perl Resources
Jeffrey's Perl Stuff
Learning Perl: References
Metronet Perl Scripts
Metronet Perl5 Page
O'Reilly Perl Conference
O'Reilly Perl Conference 2.0
Otis' Perl and C++ Links
Perl in the UK
Perl Interactive Conference Environment
Perl Packrats
Perl Paraphernalia
Perl Ports to other Platforms
Perl Resources and Reviews
Perl-porters Activity Summary
Perl5-porters email archive
another Perl-porters email archive
PerlRing Homepage
PerlRing Index
Randal Schwartz' Home Page
Tom Christiansen's Perl.COM Home Page
Welcome to
Yahoo! Perl Page
People of Perl -- raw pics

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Perl Training, Tutorials and Publications

Perl Documentation
Perl FAQ
Perl - Far More Than Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About... This series contains a set of documents that address perl-related certain topic areas in depth. They range from nothing but simple copies of somewhat lengthy news postings to real, full-blown, htmlified, complete tutorials. Don't neglect the faq or manual, though.
Perl Man Pages (AISD)
Perl Module Mechanics
Perl Overview, O'Reilly
Perl Overview, Eric Foster-Johnson
Perl Recipes
Perl Reference Materials
Perl Training
PerlGuts Illustrated
The Perl Journal
Effective Perl (book)
CPAN Modules Reference
Camel Critiques
Perl for Win32 FAQ
Quick Intro to Perl
The Unix Review Perl Columns
The Web Techniques Perl Columns
The ;login: Perl Practicum articles
Web Review: The Virtues of Perl
Web Review: Interview with Larry Wall and Tom Christiansen
A Conversation with Larry Wall

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Perl Projects and Development

CPAN - the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
PAUSE - the Perl Authors Upload Server Free Software
ePerl: Embedded Perl5 Language
DBI - A Database Interface Module for perl5
Peter Orbaek has implemented Demeter/Perl, which brings the benefits of Adaptive Programming (using Karl Lieberherr's Demeter method) to object-oriented Perl programs.
Fvwm/Perl Module Interface
LAOLA - Perl access to OLE docs
A perl library, that gives access to OLE documents like Word and Excel without Microsoft code. You can read documents, read and modify existing streams and read and modify garbage. Supports a litte bit property sets. A quick reference file for this library is now available. The code should be rather system independent. However, at MS DOS and some Unix systems it worked well.
premail is a program for transparent encryption of email. Its goal is to add privacy and authentication to existing email clients with a minimum of extra fiddling, and while preserving a rich set of functionality, including MIME-based multimedia data types. It is currently available only on Unix platforms. The current version is implemented in the Perl 5 scripting language.
SDF Home Page
SDF is a documentation system for software developers. Based on a simple, readable markup language, it generates high quality output in multiple formats, all derived from the single document source. Supported output formats include PostScript, HTML, Windows Help, PDF, POD, plain text, RTF and MIF.
SDF for POD Users
specPerl 1.0 is a modification of specTcl 1.1 which emits code suitable for perl/Tk, instead of Tcl/Tk.
PDF on the Fly
PerlMUD is a MultiUser Dimension (MUD), a text-based environment that allows multiple users to converse, explore, and interact. PerlMUD is written in Perl 5.0 and is highly compatible with the well-known TinyMUD command set, which provides a friendly interface to your online environment.
ActiveState - Perl for Win32
Perl in Europe
The Perl Clinic - Commercial Support for Perl
Perl Magick
Perl/Tk Documentation
Perl/Tk FAQ
PERCEPS is a Perl script designed to parse C++ header files and automatically generate documentation in a variety of formats based on the class definitions and comment information found in those files. This allows you to comment your code and generate useful documentation at the same time with no extra effort. PERCEPS can be useful as a documentation tool for C++ class libraries or as a simple but effective collaboration tool for other projects.
PerlMenu Home Page
PINT - WinNT Perl Modules
Sam Kamin's FPERL Page
The goal of this project is to develop a functional alternative to PERL and AWK. The language will have higher-order features similar to those of ML or Haskell , plus primitives for regular-expressions, associate tables, and so on. Its processor should be light-weight and the language should be comparatively free from bureaucracy. Some type conversions should be implicit, for user convenience, but this must be done carefully to avoid making the language a complete mess.
Steffen Beyer - Perl Software for Download
SWIG - Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator
Tom - Transportable Object Model [for perl]
Tom stands for Transportable Object Model. Tom is a module for perl that allows classes to be defined inside an object, and then registered into a defined package. Tom also allows you to do this securely, through use of the Opcode/Safe modules. The latest unstable version of Tom allows objects to become transportable.
Web of CORBA Perl

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Perl WWW & CGI Resources

The Idiot's Guide to Solving Perl CGI Problems
Matt's Perl/CGI Script Archive
CGI Programming FAQ
CGI Programming OpenFAQ
Java Front-end to CGI/Perl
Lincoln Stein's Home Page
Perl and WWW
PerlWWW - Index of web-related Perl programs and libraries
Perl CGI Programming FAQ
Perl/HTML archives
Htgrep is a Perl utility written by Oscar Nierstrasz to facilitate the construction of simple search engines for the WWW as CGI scripts. This document attempts to answer a lot of the frequently asked questions that people have about using and installing htgrep.
VEP : Velocity HTTP Engine for Perl
WDVL: Perl Tools and CGIs
WML: Website Meta-Language
The WWW Security FAQ
World Wide Web FAQ

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