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SPM Resources and Directories

Dave's SPM Links
Design Management: Project Management
Digital Tools PM Resources
Earned Value Website-Top Page
Ed Yourdon's Web Site
Gerald M. Weinberg Home Page
HMS Software PM Resources
International Center for PM Excellence
Luke Hohmann
Microsoft Solutions Framework
Microsoft Solutions Framework was created to answer precisely that question. Created from the shared best practices of Microsofts product teams and information technology group, this comprehensive resource also forms the core of Microsofts services for the enterprise, helping consultants worldwide build on success as they deliver business-driven solutions to Microsoft customers. Microsoft Solutions Framework can help you plan an enterprise architecture that adapts to (or drives) industry change. Consistently build business-driven applications. And manage your computing environment.
PMBOK - Project Mgmt Body of Knowledge
Post Mortem Process Website
Project Management Research on the Web
Project Management Tool Vendors
Project Manager's Palette
Project Planning and Management
ProjectNet - Project Management Information Resource
Quantitative Software Management
Result Planning - Tom Gilb
SE Management Research Lab
Software Program Managers Network
WST Software PM Resources

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SPM Training, Tutorials and Publications

ami handbook
Best Practices - 10 Software Project Essentials
Best Practices: Achieving Leaner Software
Best Practices: Avoiding Classic Mistakes
Best Practices: Daily Build and Smoke Test
Best Practices: Defending the Schedule
Best Practices: Gauging Software Readiness with Defect Tracking
Best Practices: Tool Support for Project Tracking
Changing Your Development Culture
How Experienced Project Managers Assess Risk
HMS Software PM Articles
HMS Software PM White Papers
Magazine of the Association for Project Management
Managing Software Development
Manager's Handbook for Software Development
Process Managing Standards Home Page
Process Tailoring for Software Project Plans
Project/Process Management Tools, Buyers Guide
Project HomeWorld
Project Management Programs FAQ
Project Management Software FAQ
Project Manager Today
ProjectNet - What is Project Management?
SMP Page
The Reusable Software Management Plan (SMP) and on-line help tool was developed by the Software Assurance Technology Center (SATC) at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to help flight software managers develop required software management plans. The tool consists of the text for a software management plan written in accordance with the Management Plan DID (NASA-DID-M000) of the NASA Software Documentation Standard (NASA-STD-210091) and on-line support for tailoring the plan to individual software projects.
Software Project Guidebooks
Software Project Survival Guide, Steve McConnell
Team Software Engineering and Project Mgmt
WST Software PM Articles
WST Software PM White Papers

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SPM Working Groups and Projects

Association for Project Management
BCS Project Management Group
DA VINCI Initiative Homepage
The Da Vinci initiative aims to explore computer support mechanisms for enhancing distributed engineering design change negotiation. The system envisioned would include computer-supported design tools, distributed communication tools, design knowledge access tools, design artifact object models, as well as a methodology and inference engine for design change management.
Global Project Management System Homepage
Int'l Project Management Association
PRINCE in Practice
Project Management Institute
Project Management Technologies Inc.
WISE: Web-Integrated Sw Metrics Env.
The Web-Integrated Software metrics Environment (WISE) is the first WWW-based project management and metrics system available on the WWW. WISE is a WWW-based tool that provides a framework for managing software development projects across the Web. Programmers and managers can log issue reports, track the status of issues, and view project metrics using standard WWW browsers. WISE provides a non-intrusive method to coordinate project activities and allow software development teams to view their progress and performance.
WWW Project Management Forum

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