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Software Testing Resources

Cetus Links: O-O Testing
Bret Pettichord's Software Testing Hotlist
Brian Marick's Corner, Testing Foundations
Bullseye Testing Technology
Coverage Testing in the 90's
CSST Software Testing Links
CSST Software Testing Papers
Kerry's Software Testing Links
NASA IV&V Facility Home Page
RBSC Software Testing Resources
RSPA Testing Links
RST Software Reliability Hotlist
Software Measurement Laboratory Resources
Software Testing Online Resources/MTSU (STORM)
Software Verification and Validation links
Software Test Links, SMU
ST Labs, Inc.
STSC Software Testing

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Software Testing Tutorials and Publications FAQ Mailing List Archives
IPL Software Testing White Papers
Journal of Software Testing, Verification and Reliability
O-O Testing Bibliography
ObjectSoftware's O-O Testing Papers
OOPSLA'95 Worshop on Smalltalk Testing
PureAtria Software Testing & Quality papers
RBSC O-O Testing Papers
SEI CMM Proposed Software Test KPA
Software Testing Newsletter
Structured Testing Using the Cyclomatic Complexity Metric
Testers' Network (online E-zine)
Testing, Developer's Handbook
Testing Techniques Newsletter (TTN)
The FREE Approach to OO Testing
Unit Testing Standards, NASA CCS

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Software Testing Groups, Projects, and Tools

BCS Software Testing Group
DejaGnu Testing Framework
ISO 14000 - MGMT Alliances Inc.
PVS - Program Verification System, SRI CSL
PVS is a verification system: that is, a specification language integrated with support tools and a theorem prover. It is intended to capture the state-of-the-art in mechanized formal methods and to be sufficiently rugged that it can be used for significant applications. PVS is a research prototype: it evolves and improves as we develop or apply new capabilities, and as the stress of real use exposes new requirements.
Software Testing Institute
Spin - Formal Verification
Spin is a widely distributed software package that supports the formal verification of distributed systems. The software was developed at Bell Labs in the formal methods and verification group. Spin has been used to trace logical design errors in distributed systems design, such as operating systems, data communications protocols, switching systems, concurrent algorithms, railway signaling protocols, etc. The tool checks the logical consistency of a specification. It reports on deadlocks, unspecified receptions, flags incompleteness, race conditions, and unwarranted assumptions about the relative speeds of processes.
SRL Testing Toolkit (SRLT) Project
The SRL Testing Toolkit (SRLT) is a toolbox of useful testing tools aimed at providing mechanisms for programmers to develop code that closely meets system specifications. The toolkit contains tools that are continually being used to perform testing on RMP and other SRL projects. SRLT is also targeted at giving programmers another useful set of tools to give them more confidence about their applications and to allow them to integrate testing into their development practices.

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