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80 links to Tcl/Tk on the World Wide Web.

Tcl/Tk Resources

SunScript Tcl/Tk Home Page
Sunscript Tcl/Tk Tech Corner
Cetus Links: Tcl/Tk
NeoSoft Tcl Home Page
Tcl Hot Spots
Tcl/Tk Archive at Sun Labs
Tcl/Tk Bibliography FAQ
Tcl/Tk Bubbles
Tcl/Tk FAQs, Code and Other Info
Tcl/Tk Resources
Other Tcl/Tk Resources and Sites
Donal K. Fellows's Tcl Archive
JLV's Tcl/Tk Resources
John Ousterhout's Home Page
Tcl's inventor leaves Sun to form start-up - SunWorld - February 1998
Yahoo! - Tcl/Tk

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Tcl/Tk Tutorials, Training and Publications

A Brief Introduction to Tcl/Tk
Comparisons of Tcl with other systems
Directory of Tcl/Tk related FAQs
Expect Tutorial: A Tool For Regression Testing Interactions
How To Write Tclets
Internet Introduction To Tcl/Tk
Intro to Tcl/Tk
Tcl Programming Idioms
TclTutor - a Tcl Tutorial
Tcl/Tk Quick Reference
Tcl/Tk Tutorial, Alex Samonte
Tcl/Tk '98 Conference
Tcl/Tk '97 Workshop Proceedings
Tcl/Tk '96 Workshop Proceedings
Tcl/Tk '95 Workshop proceedings
Tk 4+ Usage FAQ
Tcl 8.0 and Tk 8.0
Tcl8.0/Tk8.0 Manual

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Tcl Projects and Systems

Adatcl - Gnat Ada Bindings for TCL
BLT is an extension to the Tk toolkit, adding new widgets, geometry managers, and miscellaneous commands. It does not require any patching of the Tcl or Tk source files.
The Entropy Liberation Front (Tcl/Tk tools)
EvoX and CppTcl
Expect Home Page
Extensions to Tcl/Tk
The FREE Visual Tcl/Tk Project
The Visual Tcl project is involved with the development of a cross platform, visual, rapid application development environment for Tcl and Tk. The Visual Tcl package is written in Tcl and Tk source code and is therefore easily ported to different platforms. Doug Bebber has started developing the Visual Tcl project on Linux. The Visual Tcl package will be distributed under the GNU General Public License and will be freely distributed, source code and all.
GroupKit Home Page
GroupKit is a freely-available groupware toolkit developed at the University of Calgary. It is used for developing real-time conferencing applications. These are groupware applications such as drawing tools, editors and meeting tools that are shared simultaneously among several users. The distribution includes not only the core toolkit but over 30 example groupware tools.
[incr Tcl] - OOP for Tcl/Tk
Jacl -- a Tcl Interpreter for Java
John van Gulik's TkApps and VMail
jTCL - Java-like syntax for TCL
NeoSoft Tcl
NeoWebScript Home Page
Macintosh Tcl/Tk Project
MTtcl - Multi-threading for Tcl
Perl/Tk Documentation
Perl/Tk FAQ
PortTk - a portable interface for Tk
PtTcl - Thread-safe Tcl
Ratatosk (TkRat)
The goal of Ratatosk is to create a powerful and easy to use electronic-mail user-agent. Ultimately there will be both a tty and an X11 interface, but currently only the X11 interface exists.
Rivet is a version of Tk, the graphical user interface programming interface commonly associated with Tcl. Rivet is different from Tcl/Tk because it uses no Tcl code evaluation, so it is suitable for embedding in other programming languages without the overhead of Tcl. Rivet contains programming interfaces for two languages: C and Python. The C interface provides the basis for embedding in other programming languages, while the Python interface is suitable for developing applications. Some people are interested in programming entire applications at the C level.
SCO Visual Tcl
SCO Visual Tcl is the multi-platform Tcl-based scripting language for developing OSF Motif and Character Motif applications, and forms the foundation for the newly-released SCO OpenServer Release 5 graphical SCOadmin systems management environment.
SpecTcl is a GUI builder for Tk and Java applications.
Sven's Home Page (XF and other Tcl/Tk tools)
SWIG - Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator
Tcl Xmosaic Info
TkDiff Home Page
Tclobj - Using C++ Objects with Tcl
Tclodbc - ODBC extension for Tcl
TkInfo: a browser for info files
TclJava at Sun Labs
TclJava is a proof of concept for connecting Java and Tcl. The dynamicism of Tcl with the speed and portability of Java make a convincing case for combining these two internet ready languages. Security, already strong in Java, is augmented by Tcl's "padded cell" security model, allowing for safe scripting as well as safe applets.
TclX - Extended Tcl
Tix Home Page
TkDesk Home Page
TkGofer is a library (a prelude file) of functions for writing graphical user interfaces in the functional language Gofer. The library provides a convenient, abstract and high-level way to write window-oriented applications. The implementation rests on modern concepts like monads and constructor classes. For the implementation of graphical IO we added a few primitives to the standard Gofer interpreter to communicate with the graphical toolkit Tcl/Tk.
Tkpvm Home Page
Tkpvm is a "marriage" of Tcl/Tk with PVM: a library for controlling parallel virtual machines.
TOCX - An ActiveX Extension to Tcl/tk
Tuba - a Tcl/Tk Debugger
VET: Velocity HTTP Engine for TCL
Vertcl: Enhanced Tk Console (TkCon)
Visual Tcl Home Page
Visual Tcl is a freely-available, high-quality application development environment for UNIX, Windows and Macintosh platforms. Written entirely in Tcl and generating pure Tcl makes porting either unnecessary or trivial. Visual Tcl is covered by the GNU General Public License insuring that it will remain in the capable hands of the internet community. Visual Tcl has no relation to SCO Visual Tcl or the FREE Visual Tcl/Tk project.
Web Maintenance and Authoring System
WebTk Home Page

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