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Windowing Systems and Environments

Broadway: Product Overview
Chiron - User Interface Development System
The Chiron system provides tools for assisting in the development of graphical user interfaces and provides a run-time system for managing and supporting their dynamic behavior. The objective of the Chiron system is to reduce long-term costs associated with developing and maintaining graphical user interface (GUI) software. It achieves this objective by providing key interface layers which are resilient to change. In particular, Chiron strongly separates an application from its user interface code, as well as separating the user interface code from the underlying toolkit substrates. Chiron supports the construction of GUIs which provide multiple coordinated views of application objects and allows flexible restructuring of the configuration of those views. Chiron supports a concurrent model of control.
GNOME - GNU Network Object Model Environment
GNUstep Homepage
The LessTif Home Page
Motif Application Development Intro
Motif FAQ
The Motif Zone
MW3: Motif on the World Wide Web
Solaris OpenStep
Stepwise NEXTSTEP/OpenStep Server
X Consortium
X. End of story.
X11 and Motif WWW Sites
XFree86(TM): Home Page
Xterminal's Home Page
Xterminal is an Object Oriented User Interface with a client-server architecture. The main purpose is a friendly interface for the UNIX-like operating systems. It is designed to be used to build text based applications, and is written in C++ using the "ncurses" library. It consists in a complete object oriented library including multiple, resizeable, overlapping windows, pull-down menus, dialog boxes, buttons, scroll bars, input lines, check boxes, radio buttons, etc. Mouse support (currently implemented only for Linux console, using the "gpm" library) is included, too. It includes advanced object management, events handling, communications between objects, and so on...

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Window Managers and Desktops

The Official AfterStep HomePage
DMTF The Desktop Management Task Force
Enlightenment - Window Manager for Enchanted Linux
FVWM Official Homepage
GWM: The X11 Generic Window Manager
Jafm - not Just A File Manager
The K Desktop Environment
MultiWM - The Official Homepage
Scheme-Configurable Window Manager
VTWM - Virtual Tab Window Manager
Window Managers for X
Xplore File Manager

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GUI Frameworks and Libraries

GUI Toolkit/Framework Page
The Hungry Viewkit
JX - A C++ Application Framework for X11
Koala GUI Toolkit
Marx, the GUI Scripting Language
Marx is an interpreted script language based on a C-like syntax. It provides a quick way of creating Graphical User Interfaces in X Window System. Besides GUI building, marx also provides simplified schemes for UNIX process control, direct shell command/script execution and inter-client communication via sockets.
MGui Home Page
MGUI (MORELLO Graphic User Interface) is a cross-platform graphical user interface written in ANSI C. It consists of a library, including all typical GUI objects as menu, push buttons, editable fields, lists etc... and a code generation tool (MGUI Designer), which allows the user to create and maintain application window layout using the mouse. For its features, MGUI is useful to everyone who wants to realize multi platform applications, with absolutely no GUI porting needs.
The OPaC Project
OPaC is a C++ class library currently available for Win32. It is planned to become available on any X11 based UNIX system, on Macintosh, OS/2 and on miscellaneous other platforms. OPaC provides toolbox which allows building graphical user interfaces in a few mouse clicks even while the application is running. Connections between the GUI and the application can be implemented without any coding : just drag and drop properties at run-time.
Platform Independent GUI FAQ
Portable GUI Software FAQs
Qt - a C++ GUI application framework
SubArctic UI Toolkit
SubArctic is a new Java(tm)-based user interface toolkit under development by Scott Hudson and Ian Smith at the Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center at Georgia Institute of Technology. SubArctic is not yet another AWT widget set. It is a complete, full functioned, industrial strength toolkit designed to be used for all your user interface needs. SubArctic is based on 10 years of toolkit research and is designed to offer the advanced interface techniques needed to go beyond static interfaces and simple collections of widgets. SubArctic is highly extensible and supports a number of sophisticated effects not available in other toolkits (and provides the basic infrastructure to build much more).
V - A Freeware Portable C++ GUI Framework for Windows and X
ViewKit is a C++ application framework that makes it easier for you to develop OSF/Motif™ and CDE (Common Desktop Environment) applications. ViewKit provides a high-level application architecture along with ready-to-use components that solve common development problems.
Visix Software, Inc.
wxXt - a C++ GUI toolkit
The Xarm Home Page
The Xarm library is a C++ wrapper of the Motif library and the Xmext library. This is intended as a tool to help individuals that program with Motif & C++. An attempt was made to follow the inheritance structure of the Motif widget set.
The Xg Widget Set
The Xg widget set is an extension of the Motif widget set and provides many of the controls found in MS Windows applications.
XTC: the X11 Protocol for Java

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GUI Tools and Technology

CMU SCS OZ Project Home Page
The Oz Project at CMU is developing technology and art to help artists create high quality interactive drama, based in part on AI technologies. This especially means building believable agents in dramatically interesting micro-worlds.
Computer Interfaces and the Web Links FAQ
GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program
GTK - the GIMP ToolKit
ImageMagick - X11 Image Processing and Display Package
Microsoft Research User Interfaces Group
mxApps - X/Motif Mail and FTP for Linux
User Interface Software Tools
VIEWS - Research on UI Systems

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