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Patterns Resources and Directories

Patlets FrontPage - Patterns Database
Patterns Home Page
Portland Pattern Repository
Ward Cunningham's Wiki Web
AGCS Patterns Pages
Bibliography on software design patterns
Cetus Links: Patterns
DiaLogos Patterns Pages
Design Patterns Mailing Lists by thread
OrganizationPatterns FrontPage
Organization-patterns Mail Archive by thread
Pattern Mailing Lists
Quintessoft Pattern Links
Software design patterns resources, Gert Florijn

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Patterns Groups and Conferences

Calgary Patterns User Group
The Chicago Patterns Group
TCPG Meeting Minutes Index
Chili PLoP '98
CORBA IDL Design Patterns Workshop
DC Design Patterns Group
Design Patterns Study Group of NYC
EuroPLoP '98
EuroPLoP '97
EuroPLoP '96
Patterns '98
Patterns Reading Group, Israel
Patterns in Systems Architecture Workshop
Pattern Theory Group Page
Phoenix Patterns Group
PLoP '98
PLoP '97
PLoP '96
Juries for Design Pattern Validation
SigPatterns - ACM Patterns Working Group
Sydney Patterns Group
The Tampa Patterns Group
TriPLUG Home Page
UIUC Smalltalk/Patterns Group
UK Patterns Special Interest Group
UP: Using Patterns Conference
Workshop on Language Support for Design Patterns and Frameworks

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Patterns Papers Research and Practice

Aamod Sane's Patterns Papers
Addison-Wesley Software Patterns Series
AGCS Patterns Papers
Alexander's OOPSLA'96 speech
Applying Design Patterns to the "R.A.S Havens" Project (thesis)
Applying Patterns for Concurrent Software
Automatic code generation from design patterns
Christopher Alexander: Intro for O-O Designers
Christopher Alexander's The Nature of Order
Code Patterns Technology (white paper)
DASCo Patterns
Dirk Riehle's Patterns Research
Doug Schmidt's Patterns Papers
EuroPLoP '96 Papers
EuroPLoP '97 Papers
Fzi Prost's Publications
James Noble's Drafts
Jan Bosch's Papers
Nikos A. Salingaros, contributions to architecture
Mathematician sums up laws of Architecture
Comments on Salingaros papers on Architecture
Industrial Experience with Design Patterns
Instantiating Code Patterns
Introducing Patterns into the Workplace
Language Support for Design Patterns and Frameworks
OOP Transience to Persistence: Architectures & Patterns
OOPSLA'95 Patterns Papers
Papers: Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc.
Patterns, Protocols, and Frameworks (Booch)
PLoP'94 Papers
PLoP'96 Papers
PLoP '97 Papers
Konstantin Laufer's publications
Research in OODBMS, Agents, Objects & Patterns
Software Patterns - IAP'97
Using Design Patterns to Develop Reusable O-O Software

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Patterns Training and Tutorials

Ada Implementations of Design Patterns
Best Practices: The Programmer Writing
Broadening beyond objects to patterns and to other paradigms
Code Patterns
Cope's "The Human Side of Patterns"
Design Patterns Intro by Bernard J. Dagher
Design Patterns Tutorial, Brian Kurotsuchi
Design Patterns Tutorials, Doug Schmidt
Developing O-O Software with Patterns and Frameworks
Developing Patterns Studies, Richard Gabriel
Ethics, Values and Patterns
Excerpt from Cope's "Software Patterns"
Finding solutions through pattern languages
Frameworks and Design Patterns
Generative Pattern Languages: An emerging direction of software design
History of Patterns
Idioms and Patterns as Architectural Literature
Introduction to Patterns (Animated)
OOD using Design Patterns Course
Organizational Patterns, presentation
Pattern Definitions
Patterns and Software: Essential Concepts and Terminology
Patterns, by Grady Booch
Patterns-discussion FAQ
Patterns: The Top Ten Misconceptions
Pattern Writer's Workshop Tutorial
Patterns BookList
Repetition, Generativity, and Patterns
Seven Habits of Successful Pattern Writers
Software Patterns - CACM Guest Editorial
The Coad Letter Archives

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Patterns and Pattern Collections

ACE Design Patterns (for Concurrent, Parallel, and Distributed Systems)
Alistair Cockburn's Risk Management Patterns
Application of Patterns to Reduce Complexity in Software Development
Architectural Styles and Design Patterns for Distributed Objects
Arcus Design Patterns Cookbook
Bruce Whitenack's RAPPeL
RAPPeL is a pattern language that provides direction and rationale for guiding analysts, developers and project managers in determining and defining requirements for business applications (e.g. information management systems, decision support systems, work-flow management, scheduling, etc.) to be developed in an OO environment.
Caterpillar's Fate: Transformation from Analysis to Design
Cope's Process Patterns
CORBA IDL Design Patterns and Idioms
Design Patterns for Concurrent, Parallel, and Distributed Systems
Design Process Patterns, Narendra Ravi
Dirk Riehle's Design Patterns
Dolphin Smalltalk Patterns Index
Don Olson's Team Patterns
Early Development
Experiences: a Pattern Language for UI Design
HTML Pattern Language
Huston Design Patterns
Introducing Patterns into the Workplace
Intuitive Systems's Patterns
Nat Pryce's Design Patterns
Organizational Patterns for Software Architecture
Pattern Languages for Designers and Users of Technology
Pattern-Based Reengineering
Pattern Languages for Interaction Design
Patterns for Abstract Design
Patterns for Adaptive Programming
Patterns for Framework Evolution
Patterns for Managing Software Evolution (postscript)
Patterns for Scripting Components
Patterns in Order Management Systems
Patterns of Self-Organizing Systems
Patterns of Software Reuse
Pattern-based Reengineering
Pedagogical Patterns
ProcessPatterns on the Wiki Web
Relational Database Access Layers
A Pattern Language about Relational Database Access Layers
Information Architecture and Process Innovation
Roles Before Objects
Smalltalk ENVY/Developer Patterns
Software Reuse Best Practice Patterns
Steve Berczuk's CM Patterns
System Test Pattern Language
The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository
Terris Linenbach's CM Patterns
Type Laundering
Walter Tichy's Software Design Patterns Catalogue

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Patterns People

Alistair Cockburn, Humans and Technology
Christopher Alexander
Kent Beck
Jim Coplien's Home Page
Ward Cunningham
Brian Foote
Doug Lea's Workstation
Ralph E. Johnson
Dirk Riehle
Douglas C. Schmidt's Welcome Page
Aamod Sane's Home Page
Michael Beedle's Home Page
Steve Berczuk's Home Page
Tim Ottinger
RegularContributors to Ward's Wiki Web

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