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Brad Appleton
Software Tools Developer

60 links to Software Vendors and Research on the World Wide Web.

Software Vendors and Research: A-H

Andersen Consulting - Eagle Home Page
Apple Computer
Applied Reasoning Systems Corporation.
AT&T Labs Research
Bell Labs
Bell Labs Computing Sciences Research Center
Bell Labs CS & Math Research
Concurrent Computer Corp.
CyberGuard Corporation
Digital Systems Research Center Home Page
DOC - Distributed Object Computing Group Tech Reports
Expersoft Homepage
Fujitsu Object Software
Genitor Corporation Online
GE Corporate Research
GTE Laboratories Incorporated

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Software Vendors and Research: I-Q

IBM alphaWorks Online
alphaWorks creates a link between technology developers and the world of product managers and marketers. In effect, alphaWorks provides a distribution channel for the researchers' alpha code, allowing product developers to experiment with new ideas and emerging Internet applications.
IBM Developer's Domain
IBM Object Technology
IBM Software
IBM Solution Developer Support
IONA Technologies
Lawrence Livermore Computing
Lucent Technologies
Microsoft Research Home
Microsoft Bay Area Research Center (BARC)
microTOOL - Tools and Techniques
Motorola Computer Group
MultiQuest Corporation
ObjectSpace, Inc.
Object Design, Inc.
Object Technology International Inc.
The Open Group (X/Open & OSF)
Open Group Desktop Technologies
The Open Group Research Institute
ParaSoft Corporation
Platinum Clear Lake Lab Home Page
Platinum Technology

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Software Vendors and Research: R-Z

RADSoft Labs
Rational Corporation
Silicon Graphics Inc.
SGI Products & Solutions
SoftInfo Software Product Search
Sun Microsystems
Sun Labs Research
Sun Labs Tech Reports
SunTest's Home Page
Symantec Corporation
Takefive Software
Taligent Technology Resources
TD Technologies Home Page
Transframe Technology Home Page
U.S. Robotics
Xerox PARC Research Center

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